Seefood have a proven award winning track record of offering high quality video content and film production with a cost effective and personal approach. We are agile, transparent, and great at what we do bringing extensive experience drawn from our work making cinema, TV, award winning content and advertising.


Award winning creative production service from script to screen

Film & Video Production
Film & Video Production

We strive to make award winning productions across the full spectrum of content needs

Animation, Motion Graphics, Post
Animation, Motion Graphics, Post

We offer animation and motion graphics to the highest standard

Film / Cinema
Film / Cinema

We make films for cinema competing at A list international film festivals

VR Production
VR Production

VR production services for engaging narratives and content


Sustainable production practices are a standard part of our service

Telling Your Story

We relish telling powerful stories and delivering engaging story led content across multiple platforms. Each brief we receive is individually responded to and budgeted. We build skill specific teams to fit your requirements to produce work that makes a measurable impact. We believe targeted quality wins out over quantity, and that a better video experience leads to more action, greater loyalty and more social sharing. Overtly safe approaches don’t win attention. We want to make your audience question, stand to attention, be touched, moved and inspired so they won’t forget you. We are powerful experienced story tellers and would love to help you tell yours.


Creative, Strategy , Experiential, and Social

We are not just a video content production company we also create great ideas and strategy too. We offer an integrated production approach to produce content across platforms in one production process if needed. This approach not only streamlines workflow, keeps consistency and makes productions more sustainable but offers a highly cost effective approach without negating quality.

We have brought together key team members with extensive experience and expertise in their fields and a network of trusted partners to offer creative, data, strategy, digital, social, and content under one roof to ensure a seamless approach, integration and distribution across channels

Working With You Externally or Inhouse

We are able to work seamlessly with your in-house teams and also offer our team in-house to work alongside you if you do not have the in-house skills or support needed for film, video and VR. Our in-house support offer a dedicated producer to helps you expand your team on a short term basis to include film and video either on one production, or to work closely and skills share on several productions. This service help keep overheads lower and keeps you close to the work.

Sustainable Production

We believe in sustainable production, reducing our and your carbon impact adhering to BS 8909.

BS 8909 is a specification for a sustainability management system for film, has been designed to help the film industry run its business in a more sustainable way.

Although its full title may be a bit of a mouthful, the framework for how you achieve 360 degree sustainability has recently been trialled by a selection of high profile players within the film industry value chain from development, distribution, exhibition and production.

“BS 8909 is an exciting step forward – it gives the film industry a robust framework for managing our social and environmental impacts.
– Colin Firth

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