The value of sustainable film video and content

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Does your business think the future of business depends first on the future of the planet? We certainly believe it does. Working in a sustainable way offers it’s challenges to most businesses in some way, but we believe the opportunities far outweigh the challenges. This is why Seefood offer a sustainable production service and are focusing on producing content for businesses who believe in celebrating their achievements in this area.

We’ve been watching the drivers for sustainability reporting as they are broadening out in line with the increased awareness and interest, particularly from consumers and future employees looking for products, services and employers that are aligned with their own personal values. As a result we have become aware of companies changing up how they communicate their achievements in this zone. Video and VR is certainly playing its part.

Celebrate your achievements and sustainability reporting with sustainable film and video production.

There is doubt to the value of video in capturing the imaginations of your target audience while telling your unique stories. Why not add value and make capturing their imaginations in a sustainable way too?

Aside from the moral imperative, sustainability influences all the levers that organizations use to create value: from helping recruit and retain staff to brand-building.

Exemplary sustainability performance leads to recognition from peers, audiences, investors, stakeholders and NGOs. It reduces reputational risk and enhances competitiveness. It helps organizations get on top of existing regulatory requirements and ahead of future legislation.

There is also a clear correlation between sustainability performance and profitability. The well-respected Morgan Stanley Capital World Index showed that companies that improved their sustainability performance between 2006 and 2008 financially out-performed their peers in 2008/9 by more than 11 per cent. The CDP’s 2014 report also shows evidence of a link between business leadership on climate change and a company’s profitability.

There is no doubt good video content adds value so there are good reasons to change up and celebrate your achievements using a sustainable video and content production approach.

Want to know how to make sustainable film and video content?

Just ask us and we can help.

We work to BS 8909 standard. BS 8909, a specification for a sustainability management system for film,  TV and content production that has been designed to help the industry run its business in a more sustainable way.

This standard enables us to achieve 360 degree sustainability though the production process. We also have developed additional approaches to keep your shoot sustainable and ensure when working on international shoots we can reduce our carbon footprint and make sure we support the local economy when doing so.

It’s not just about applying standards it’s about being creative and there are many creative approaches to telling your stories which can reduce the production footprint.

Should you pay more for a sustainable approach? In many, if not most cases , we believe it need not cost more.

Capture the imagination of your customers ,  employees, and jobseekers, and add to the climate of hope in your business using powerful video and content that is made using a sustainable approach .