1 June

The value of sustainable film video and content

  Does your business think the future of business depends first on the future of the planet? We certainly believe it does. Working in a sustainable way offers it’s challenges to most businesses in some way, but we believe the opportunities far outweigh the challenges. This is why Seefood offer a sustainable production service and […]

20 September

Creative and Quality VS Cost

Getting the right video, brand film, or content at the right price can often be a conundrum for clients. How much should you pay and what should you expect? Our approach We understand it’s easy to get frustrated with a production company when you ask: “How much will a film or video cost?” and the […]

17 June

VR experience, engagement vs cost

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VR experience, engagement vs cost

VR and 360° content is incredibly powerful, allowing the viewer to feel they have been transported to a new place, look around and feel immersed in the environment. Immersive content can be watched in a number of ways; via virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, on your […]